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Artwork of Bobcat drawn by one of our breeders.

Our Story

I'm Angela. I was born into a Christian family with a genuine love for animals, nature and people. As a child, you could always find me playing with animals, bugs or dirt, but my most favorite was cats. Sadly, due to severe allergies, it wasn't always in my best interest to be around cats. As I grew, I learned everything I could about these gorgeous creatures. I developed a love for big cats, began drawing them and eventually bought a camera so I could photograph them. Barely a teenager, I had the incredible experience of being able to work with lion cubs. It was brief, but for the first time, I had no allergy. I have been blessed to do many things over the years where I was able to work with both people and animals. These include working in outreach, animal rescue, childcare, teaching and nursing.


There are things we experience in life that change us forever. Tragic death, years of being in an abusive relationship, and cancer are three I can claim. Most certainly, I changed. I didn't do it by myself. I couldn't. I knew the only way I would get through those things was with God's help. There were times I didn't know if I could get through the next hour, so I focused on the next minute and let me tell you, prayer changes things! After the dust settled, I determined I was going to fulfill some of my dreams. This was one of them. I chose this breed based on all of their qualities, from their sweet nature and health to their tendency to shed less and have lower allergens. They make such good support animals, bonding closely to their family and playing games of fetch. The Russian Blue (as well as the other colors) make a difference in the lives they touch. I wanted to make a difference too, thus began my breeding program!


So here I am, a breeder of these absolutely incredible, sweet, amazing, funny, healthy, hard to find Russians! We are a family of breeders which means I am mentoring/training three others as breeders. They are also in the greater Dayton Ohio area. Together, we are "Mishka's Russians". At some point, they will likely take over but for now, we are a family dedicated to raising amazing kittens and watching dreams come true for their future families. IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not located in any other state than Ohio or going by any other name than Mishka's Russians. There is only ONE Mishka's Russians... don't be scammed! Contact us below if in doubt. To us, it's not about "selling" you a kitten. It's about caring enough to help you in your decision making by asking questions as well as answering them. It's about giving you good, sound advice regardless of whether it means you buy a kitten from us or not. It's about helping you know how to avoid being scammed. It's about being better breeders next year than we are this year as we continue to raise happy, healthy kittens that will make your dreams become reality. 

Life is so short! If you've always wanted a Russian and didn't know where to begin, start by contacting us today!

We are so very excited to have the opportunity to speak to you!!

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