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Frequently Asked Questions

We have added only a few answers to our top questions.

Most answers will be found while reading our Purchasing page.

Contact Us for the fastest answers. Our typical response time is within an hour.

Do you ship kittens?

We do not ship kittens. However, we are happy to meet you at the Dayton International Airport if you would like to fly in to pick up your kitten. 

Will the kitten get along with my dog(s)?

Yes, depending on whether the dog(s) have been around cats. When you get your kitten home, you will want to start with a small room set up for the kitten. The kitten will need some time to transition into their new home. Russians get along very well with dogs provided the dogs have been trained to be nice to cats. We are always happy to further explain more about this over the phone.

I've heard these are hypoallergenic. Is this true?

While no cat is allergy free, it has been said the Russian produces less of the allergens responsible for reactions (Fel D1, Fel D2). There are many people who have said they do not react to the Russian. There are many factors involved in answering this question with greater clarity. Like some other breeders, we do have small blankets that can be purchased in an attempt for you to see if you will react. I can't make any guarantees regarding allergies since each person's allergy is different, I would welcome the opportunity to explain further.  Click here to get more information.

How can I reserve a kitten or be added to the waitlist?

Currently, deposit to either hold a kitten or hold your place in line for the next available is $300. This goes toward the cost of the kitten. Deposit is non-refundable. Final balance is due at pickup.  To start this process, Contact Us.

Do you ever have older cats for sale?

Yes. When we retire an adult from our breeding program, we will sell them as pets to wonderful homes!!   Contact us if you are interested in finding out if we have any available.

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