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Purchasing Information

The Timeline, What to Expect, and More

The very first step is to contact us.

We are usually extremely fast in replying to you! Be aware it could be as little as a few minutes.

Please view our purebred kittens for sale HERE. If you don't see anything posted, don't panic! We have kittens often during the year. 


If you would like to move forward with purchasing one or more of our kittens, the next step will either be a deposit to hold the kitten until pickup or scheduling pickup.  Deposit is $300. Deposits are non-refundable but do go toward the cost of the kitten. Prior to placing a deposit, we will answer all of your questions. You will be provided a written deposit agreement in which to fill out and sign. We provide you with a copy we have signed. Final balance is always due at pickup. We are a TICA registered cattery. We are not only a Russian Blue breeder, but also breed Russian White. Because of this, we may also have Russian Black kittens born, or Pointed Russian (Blue Point).


We allow our kittens to leave at 10 weeks once they have had their second vaccination and deworming. We believe this enables them to transition easier into their home and also allows you to enjoy the kitten stage a bit longer. It also allows the kittens to be with their mother and siblings longer, wean naturally, and learn invaluable lessons from them as they grow.


We provide you with updated pictures as your kitten grows! We generally start taking pictures a few days to a week after birth, allowing mom and babies to settle in. Thereafter, we do our very best to send updated pictures about every 10 days until pickup.


Kittens are negative for Leukemia and FIV at pickup. We use monthly preventative on all adult cats (Revolution / Senergy) which guards against fleas, ticks, certain types of mange, ear mites and heartworm. We do not allow our cats outside, but fleas can come inside on clothing, shoes or other ways just like mosquitoes and ticks. Using a monthly preventative on our adults also protects kittens, ensuring we have an environment which eliminates any of these pests that might wander inside. Kittens come with a written genetic health guarantee for the first year of life.


Spay or neuter is mandatory. You will be able to register your kitten with TICA once we receive proof of spay or neuter.


We trim kittens' nails every 10 days or so, with a final nail trim done right before pickup. Nail trimming is very easy. This helps guard against accidental scratches to people. You can also use Soft Claws which is yet another alternative, sold online and in some stores.


Using the litter box is a natural instinct. Kittens begin using their litter box often around 4-5 weeks old. We use open litter boxes for our kittens not only because it's easier for them, but also due to safety concerns. Kittens also leave with a sample of food and blanket to help with transition. 

We are here for you! Regardless of whether you're waiting on the next litter to be born, waiting on your kitten to be ready to leave, or have your kitten home... we are here to answer questions, offer advice, and listen. 

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