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"I couldn't be happier with my little odd-eyed Russian White kitten. He's a gorgeous, gentle baby boy and is everything Angela Promised and more. He's a healthy, playful little lap cat who fits in perfectly with my family. He brings so much joy between his sweet companionship sleeping on my lap during the work day and hos clowning around making everyone laugh with his curious antics in the evenings. His easy going personality fits in perfectly with my other cats, who have taken to him as if he were their own kitten.

Angela is a consummate professional to work with and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to adopt from her. I'm not sure there's anyone out there more knowledgeable or more passionate about cats and the Russian Blue breed. She talked me through evey single step of the adoption process and was a wealth of knowledge about the breed and cat care in general. It is clear that Angela's breeding practices are pristine and that each and every one of her kittens is raised with love and care. The process to adopt was a breeze, and I will not hesitate to adopt from her again. "

-Erica in Connecticut

"We are greatly enjoying our Russian White Ziva Starr, who has grown to 5 lbs! She is a very cute, smart and playful kitten (who, by the way, is looking through the glass door to the office saying, “Let me in!”). Ziva loves chasing toys (and other things) and bringing them back to us so we can throw them again. She also loves lying on our laps and being held. She even licks and kisses us – the first cat either of us has had that has ever done that! She is talkative, but not obnoxious, and loves music – lying peacefully on the piano (fortunately not the keys – at least most of the time) while it’s being played.

Although Russian Whites are not officially considered non-allergenic, we have found that we have not had the allergies with her that we have had with other cats. Not only are we truly enjoying Ziva, but we very much appreciated the process of acquiring her.

The staff at Mishka’s Russians quickly and honestly answered our questions while we were in the review and purchasing process. They were also accommodating to us and our needs in delivery of the kitten to us. This has been a delightful, successful experience!"

-Rich & Ruth in Florida

"I Love my Russian Blue Boy, and my Russian White girl. They are spoiled rotten and a wonderful pair of fun kitties. I appreciate Angela sending me weekly pictures of the kitties before they were old enough to be brought home. They are a pleasure to have in my life. Thanks, Angela for my two wonderful kitties."

Would recommend: Yes

-Debbie in Ohio

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